Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Walking and Some Knitting

Last Sunday we participated in one of the annual fundraising events for our local animal shelter. As most of you know, we adopted a wonderful dog at the end of last year so this year was the first time we were able to actually walk a dog in the annual Walk for the Animals. Bandit is a little wary around other dogs so we kind of hung back at the end of the pack. It was a great day and we went well over our goal for what we thought we would raise. Thanks to everyone who helped us out by donating, our family, Team Bandito, was able to raise $350 for a great organization.
Now, on to some knitting content. Every year I make a sweater for my daughter. This year she picked out some Cascade 220 at our last visit to Purl for this sweater. And she wants the cardigan version but with a zipper instead of buttons. So here's a question for you steekers out there - or even those that haven't steeked but have an opinion. Can I do the cardigan in the round and add a few stitches in the front so I can do machine sewn steeks? I'm assuming that I add the extra stitches (6 or so?), sew the two lines when the sweater is done, then cut between the lines, pick up stitches along the front edge and knit some sort of edging before inserting the zipper. Would I knit the neckline edging before cutting or after? Is this doable? I would definitely enjoy not having to purl every other row so this is quite tempting, but I've never done steeks so I need some advice. Thanks!!


Emily said...

How fun! That sounds like a great event for your animal shelter!

As far as steeks go, I am shutting my eyes really tight and pretending you didn't mention it - that scares me to death.

Carole Knits said...

I have absolutely NO advice on steeks. I don't have a clue!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Is that Rebecca in the picture? Her hair looks so red! About the steeks...are you going to cast on the same number of stitches that's called for in the pattern? If so, you have the ribbing stiches to consider. The ribbing overlaps so if you butt the ribbed edges together that is what you would get in the round. If you turn under 1/2 inch on each side for the zipper then maybe the width you picked up from one of the ribbed eges would be enough. It may be safer to add the extra 6 or so stitches. Better a little big than too tight. I like your idea...knit in the round and cut it up the middle. I'll help. :)

clothesknit said...

you know i just bought that pattern to knit sweaters for my kiddos. i know the princess wants a cardigan with a zipper but honestly, i've not even gotten far enough in the thought process to think it all over. i do think you'll have to co a few more stitches so you have enough to turn under and sew but that's my early morning, not fully awake yet answer!