Sunday, March 09, 2008

E is for...

I'm cheating a little here for my E post. Recently I introduced my friend Elaine and her new blog. Now, I will admit that I'm not thinking about these ABC ALong posts too far in advance or I would have planned to have that one as an introduction AND my E post. Instead I will link back to it for those who may have missed it so that you can see some of her beautiful handwork.
I must admit that I don't even remember when it was that I first met Elaine (we both work at the same place), but I will say that I am sure glad we met. We both like to try many different types of crafts and are there for each other when questions arise. As I said before, we are a little bit too good at enabling each other and will sometimes find that we have bought similar things without even telling each other. For that reason, we sometimes have to impose a "no buying" time around the holidays because there have been times when I have bought something only to find that Elaine bought the same thing for me for Christmas.
It's great having friends that encourage you and help you when you need it and I am very lucky in that respect. I'll leave you with a picture of one of my Christmas gifts from Elaine - it's from the Stash and Dash pattern by Amy Butler made with Chocolate Lollipop fabric.

It's perfect for that sock in progress.

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Ina said...

That's a seriously cute project pouch! Hm... must find Amy Butler vendor closer than Purl Patchwork.