Tuesday, November 15, 2005

But that was supposed to be for me...

Since joining Sandy's Warm Hands KAL, I have been checking out many different mitten patterns and yarns. I have become quite a fan of Fleece Artist yarns and have ordered a few of their kits. The yarns and their colors are exquisite. The KAL inspired me to finish a pair of Fleece Artist thrummed mittens that will be a gift for my mom and to start a pair of mittens for my daughter. I checked out this site, and found the Fleece Artist Favorite Soft Mittens/Socks kits. The mittens or socks will be made from one strand of Mohair along with one strand of Blue Faced Leicester and they even had the kit in the perfect color for my daughter - bright pinks. Her favorite color has always been pink. Sometimes she will pick red or even purple if pink is not available, but usually she leans towards the pink family. So this kit would be perfect. Now, I have ordered from this place before and I know that I can order another kit and the shipping will be the same. So I went looking for what else I might add to my cart. For those who don't understand this logic, please, don't even try. The most beautiful colors caught my eye. I love the colors of fall - rusts, golds, greens - and there they were. Another Favorite Soft Mittens kit and the colors just sang to me. I had to have that kit and the mittens would be for ME!

Two days later the box showed up at the door. Colorsong Yarn has excellent customer service and the packages always arrive quickly. I even met the mailman as I saw the box sticking out of his bag. I opened the box and was overjoyed by the colors of fall. The yarn looked like the perfect pile of leaves with all the glorious colors. And the pink kit was as perfect as I thought it would be - just the right colors for my daughter. She came into the room and here is how the conversation went.

Me: Look at this beautiful yarn that I'll use to make your mittens. Don't you just love this pink yarn?

Her: (her eyes looking at the 2 bundles of yarn) Yes, it's beautiful, but what is this other one for?

Me: (with the first little twinge of panic) Oh, this one with the fall colors? It isn't as bright as the pink one. Don't you just love the pinks?

Her: But this other one looks like a rainbow with all the pretty colors. Please can you use this one for my mittens?

Me: (panic setting in) Well, we can wind it up, but it's not as bright and beautiful as the pink - kind of dull don't you think?

Her: Oh no, mom. It looks like a rainbow.

So we proceed to wind up the yarn. As the yarn goes on the swift, the colors call out to me, but I can already feel my grip slipping away as my daughter carresses the yarn. I attempt to pull that yarn back one more time.

Me: (in a stern voice) You know, you can't have both yarns. If you pick this one, you can't have the pink one too.

Her: Do I have to have the pink one?

Me: (resigned) Of course not. You can have this one instead.

Later I received a note in her "kid writing" - "I love you so much mommy. You share everything." What's a mom to do!!

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mamacate said...

I had a very similar conversation with Henry last week. He wanted the Sheep Shed roving I picked out for myself, not the stuff he picked out for himself. Luckily his is green. And Eleanor is holding firm with her pink roving. Though by the time I ever get around to actually spinning it, they'll probably both be wearing only black.

The sacrifices of motherhood. Well done, mom. Wear your pink with pride (I'll try to do so too).