Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Finishing one project does not mean I can cast on another...

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Now we have way too much candy in the house and between that and the stuff that is brought to work, I am sorely tempted!

On the knitting front, the baby sweater and hat are finished. They are made out of a wool/mohair blend from Steadfast Fibers. This is a new wool at my LYS and it was nice to work with. The skeins are "individually colored" (according to the label). I bought two skeins called Deep Woods and this color has variations of deep blues. The sweater is a pullover raglan which I did in the round up to the underarms where I separated and knit the back and front straight with the raglan decreases. I did the same with the sleeves, knitting in the round until I had to start the decreases. I really don't like seaming so I thought I'd experiment and try to avoid as much as possible. The hat was also done in the round with one of those i-cords on top that you tie in a knot. The set looks quite nice. I always like having baby gifts on hand and right now I know two woman who are due by the end of the year. One of them will get this gift.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take my daughter to her gymnastics practice. Each practice is 1.5 hours so I sit in the bleachers and knit. Sometimes I feel guilty - I suppose I could be exercising (we're at the YMCA), but I like watching the practices and my daughter likes having me there. Some of the girls are always interested in what I'm working on. I get lots of questions. One of the girls was very observant and noticed that I work on a lot of different things. She would ask if I had finished the last project and when I answered no, she questioned how I could be working on something else when I hadn't finished the other project. Oh, how do you explain WIP's (no, I refuse to say I have some sort of attention deficit disorder :)) to a 6 year old. Yes, out of the mouths of babes!

I have been fighting a bad case of startitis. Cate tempted me with this, but I resisted the first time I saw it and I think I can hold on a little longer. Now this is another story. Sandy is knitting this mitten (see her October 30th post) and I have been thinking about getting that Smitten book by Mission Falls. The Advika mitten is really cool - especially with those cute little mirrors. Even though I'm won't be too happy weaving in all those ends, I love all the colors and I don't think I can resist those mirrors!

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Kary said...

LOVE that jacket!! And those mittens .... what fun!!