Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bits of holiday knitting

I promised a mitten picture and here it is. Thanks to Sandy I have been busy creating warm hands for others. Starting with the swirly mitten (whose mate is nearly finished) and continuing clockwise, we have Mission Falls Thrill for my niece, Fleece Artist mittens for my daughter, the pattern and Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight yarn (black and eggplant) used for fingerless gloves for a friend (sorry, I forgot to take a picture and the present is wrapped), Manos fingerless gloves (only one so far - I changed my mind about the recipient of these mid-knitting), and Fleece Artist thrummed mittens for my mom.

I also have 2 Girlfriend sweaters that are not quite finished. Here is one that still needs the button loop and the button sewed on. The second one is pink and still needs the collar, blocking, the button and a button loop for closure. They are both made from Jaeger Shetland Aran which I purchased from here. This is a nice yarn to knit with and a great place to order from - excellent customer service. I think I am doing ok with the holiday knitting. Of course, I am probably bringing the knitting powers that be down on my head with that comment so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

On a sad note, I waited too long to order my Socks That Rock yarn from The Fold. I was so tempted by all that Cara has to say about this yarn, but kept holding out thinking that I really don't need this yarn right now. Then when I called yesterday, I was told that all the multicolored skeins are gone for now, but a new shipment is expected around mid-January. I tell myself it's better this way. I had told myself to lay low on the yarn purchases for a while and have actually been pretty good about that. Of course, January is right around the corner and all hell can break loose then! Besides, this book came in the mail and will definitely provide much enjoyment with this KAL.

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Cara said...

Go over to and order directly from the source! Okay - I didn't say that. Ignore me! Wait until January anyway - then you'll be able to get the larger skein. ;-)