Monday, December 05, 2005

It feels good...

The box to be sent to Anne in Indiana is in the car. The final total is 7 fleece scarves, 1 knitted scarf (donated by my friend Elaine), 1 knitted hat and this fellow.

It's a good thing he was designated for charity from the beginning, 'cause he was hard to let go of - especially for my daughter. She put a pink felt heart inside of him before he was sewn up and gave him lots of kisses. I think I need to make one for her. I hope he will make some child happy. I also got started on a box for Dulaan - one hat and a toddler vest done already. Thank you so much to Margene and Carole for holding the charity KAL. It felt good to be doing something and I think it has cut down on the holiday craziness.

The tooth fairy visited our house last week. It was a very exciting time especially when I was rushing around the house trying to find a camera that worked so I could take a picture. We have 3 cameras and none of them worked that morning. My daughter tried to calm me down by telling me that we could take a picture of her when the next tooth fell out, but of course I explained that this "first" would never happen again. I ranted and raved and she looked at me as if I was nuts when I wouldn't accept her plan that when the second tooth fell out, we could just pretend it was the first tooth. The next day I got my early Christmas present which means I got a picture of my daughter and now I can share pictures on this blog. What fun!!

I've also joined the Jaywalker KAL and ordered the pattern for this sweater.

I'm probably losing my mind as the pattern is in Japanese. Anyone else want to join in knitting this, click over to here. The KAL isn't starting until January 1 and since I try to designate January as "knit for me" month, this may be just the thing. But don't tell all the other projects that were waiting, not too patiently, to be taken out in January. They might not be too happy.

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Sandysknitting said...

Oh, Lisa, that bear is adorable and the story of the pink heart just brought tears to my eyes! How sweet! You are wonderful to knit all of that!
Yah, for the tooth fairy!
Love that japanese sweater!