Thursday, December 15, 2005

A very special gift of the season

This is what it's all about - good friends! Every year at this time we get together for a day of shopping, lunch (with cocktails of course), laughs, good times and occasionally a picture with Santa. And we leave with memories of a wonderful day and dreams of next year when we do it all over again. It definitely pushes one over the edge, right into that vat of holiday happiness.

And I am reminded how lucky I am to have such good friends. Friends I can laugh and cry with, who can give and receive hugs, friends who know when to give advice and when to simply listen. Some friends I have had since childhood and some, like these great friends in the picture, I've met through work. Others I have corresponded with only through email and snail mail, the connection being made because of common interests. Even though I have not met them (yet!!!), they are also a very special part of my life. And I want to wish all of you all the joy you deserve - for the holidays and beyond. And thank you all for bringing such joy into my life!

By the way - those drinks in the picture - Key Lime Martinis. I believe the ingredients were vodka, Midori and key lime juice. Quite yummy!


Sandysknitting said...

You are which one? I like a face to go with the warm fuzzy feelings!

Mia said...

Did you say Key Lime martinis??

You're killin' me here!