Friday, January 06, 2006

What a neat toy!

I decided to play with one of my new toys. I needed to divide a skein of STR for my next pair of socks and here is what I did. The yarn goes from the swift through the yarn meter to the ball winder.
I learned that I should have measured the skein first before dividing it. This skein was apparently a little on the lighter side of 360 yards so the two balls are not exactly equal. Here is a close up of the yarn meter.
Thank you to Elaine for a wonderful gift. The next step in my sock saga will be to measure the leftovers of the Lornas Laces but I still need to finish the Jaywalkers. Just starting the heels on both.
Sock on!!


Norma said...

Oh, my! I want one of those new toys. I wonder how spendy they are....

Kary said...

did you love the yardage counter?? I have been thinking about one .... ggg!