Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Red and Pink

Last night I grafted the toe of the second Opal Ladybug sock. You may notice the matching stripes. While this is not so important to me, I have a girlfriend who feels just the opposite. So, since I cast on for the second one in her presence, I had to make these as close to identical as I could. I think I did a pretty good job.

I just love a finished project. It makes me feel better about casting on for more! These will be a birthday gift for my sister. Her birthday is right around the time of the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival and hopefully I will be able to go to Cummington again this year. Last year was my first time there and it was really nice - smaller than Rhinebeck, but more manageable.

I received my postcard from Robin, my March Project Spectrum Postcard Swap Pal. It's beautiful! It's like a pieced sunset and I love the colors. I put it up in my office at work and it makes me smile everytime I see it. She told me there is more coming in the mail, but I wanted to put this up to share. Thank you so much, Robin.

I've photographed it with the front of my Nothin' But a T Shirt which is about a third done. I had hoped to get this finished up during the red/pink Project Spectrum month. I don't think it will happen, but I'll keep on knitting.


Carole said...

Your socks are great - and I finished the flamingo ones yesterday. We must be on the same wave length!

robin said...

Your socks are lovely - I agree it's not "necessary" that they match but it sure is nice when they do!!

So glad to see the postcard survived the mail with little/no? damage - your cards were so lovely - you really set the bar high for me. I was inspired by the information at about the many different things that can be mailed successfully. Hope your package gets there soon - at least it's still March.

Your knitting is very inspiring!! I have you on my "blogs" I visit list so I'll be visiting often!

Zonda said...

Love your ladybug socks! I just got that yarn and I love what it turned out to be! Good job :)