Friday, March 03, 2006

Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum has begun and this first month we focus on pink and red. I picked up my daughter's sweater that I had abandoned for the Knitting Olympics and started on the first sleeve. This is a great sweater for a beginner - top down construction done in the round so there are no seams to sew at the end. And my daughter actually wears the first sweater that I made from this pattern - a size 2-4 which as of yesterday still fit a six year old. Nothing else in that size range fits her - oh, the wonders of a handknit wool sweater. She has actually gotten 4 years of wear from this sweater which was made from multicolored Schaffer yarn. When I'm done with this new one I should take a picture of the two sweaters side by side.

This next project will probably be put away for this month, but I wanted to show you the successful joining of the hem to the outside of my second Bea Ellis hat.

The provisional cast on worked great! This hem is so much neater than the one that I did for my first hat.

I am also working on a baby gift out of some stash of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. An easy baby blanket started from the corner and increasing with yarn overs until I get to the center where I decrease back down again to the opposite corner.

This kind of mindless knitting is great for those gymnastics meets and practices. Socks fall into that category also except when I need to concentrate on turning the heel and picking up for the gusset. I always need to have some mindless knitting on the needles.


Carole said...

I like the sweater for your daughter. Did you already tell us what pattern it is?

mamacate said...

Love the sweater. Is that malabrigo?

You're reminding me that I need to finish my daughter's pink raglan sweater...before she grows out of it! If she hasn't already. Sigh. I think that might have to find it's way out of the UFO pile. I've gotten past the yoke (top-down, all in one piece a la Barbara Walker) so it really should be smooth sailing from here on. Lucky she's a skinny mini so I should be able to just make it longer.

Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and speaking of inspiration, you inspired me to try making an appletini last night. Yum. But whoo, I'm a cheap date when it comes to hard liquor. :)