Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where do you knit?

I bring my knitting pretty much everywhere. I knit at gymnastics practices and meets, at doctor's offices and dentist's offices, at the coffee shop, standing in line at an amusement park, on any trip where I am a passenger, at friends' houses, sometimes at the movies - in other words, at almost any event where I will be sitting or hanging out for any length of time. And I can count on one hand the times I have seen anyone else knitting (knitting retreats obviously not included here). How come? I know there are others like me out there from reading your blogs. Or am I just refusing to admit that I am that weird! Where are the knitters? And even if I'm not knitting, I would definitely notice if someone else was. And is it just me, or does anyone else have some sort of separation anxiety when they don't have some knitting with them. You know, what if you get stuck in a traffic jam or the lines at the grocery store are really long... OK, maybe I am just weird.

Thank goodness I have some friends at work to knit with - we meet at least twice a week at lunchtime to knit. I wish I could knit at work other times - like during some of those long meetings where my mind wanders to every subject but what is being discussed (hmmm... what do I need at the grocery store, what color would I like to order of that Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid kit, if I get that kit, is it excessive to also buy the materials for Ingeborg, you know - stuff like that).

I finished the top down pullover and here it is next to the first one I made several years ago.

Even as I post this picture, I am ripping out the lower part of the sleeves since my daughter declared they were too tight. I couldn't do this last night while watching part of the latest Harry Potter movie because she wanted to sleep with the sweater. That request usually happens when she gets a new hand knit. Does anyone else's kids do this?

Thanks again to my secret pal - the Fleece Artist roving is lovely as are the handmade stitch markers.

She included some of my favorite jelly beans, some wonderfully fragrant candles (Spiced Pear - yummy), a notepad and some goodies for my daughter. I haven't given them to her yet, as I usually save things for a time when I really need to bring them out - those whiny moments when she doesn't know what to do.


Carole said...

I don't leave the house without knitting. For instance, today when I came into work (late because I have a meeting tonight) I brought the sock I'm working on. But, it's almost done so I brought another skein of sock yarn with me in case I finish. I will have practically no time to knit today and yet I still have 2 projects with me. If you're weird, at least you're in good company!

margene said...

I never go anywhere without knitting. You're right..if there are so many of us, where are they?