Friday, March 24, 2006

Sshhh... I know it's not pink or red

But there's a baby coming. And I need a gift. And I had this yarn - Blue Sky Organic Cotton. Perfect for a baby. As the label says "Wrap yourself in a cloud of cotton." And it's machine washable and you can even tumble dry it on low - great for a new parent. So, I present a baby blanket - knit in garter stitch from one corner to the other using 4 skeins of the organic cotton. It is a gift for a woman who works at the day care which my daughter attended for 4 years. A wonderful place which utilizes the Waldorf school philosophy and is the perfect environment for a developing toddler/child. The teachers amazed me. They were always soft spoken and calm and the children reacted in a positive way. They got to participate in gardening and baking, art and crafts (my daughter learned finger knitting), wonderful seasonal rituals and walks in the woods when they were older. A safe haven from society's sometimes overwhelming bombardment of television cartoons, action figures and toys. Now we have moved onto kindergarten and I can see that I have lost some of the control I have had over my daughter's environment. The clothes, the toys, the television shows and other such things are starting to be influenced by peers. In some things my daughter sticks to her own ideas - for example, she still wears dresses or skirts almost everyday. I hope I can be a good role model and teach her to follow her own head and heart and not listen so much to what others say and do.

I joined Risa's KAL to wipe out the WIPs. So far this month I have finished my daughter's pullover in pink Malabrigo and the baby blanket shown above. I am knitting toward the toe on the second sock of Opal Ladybug (nothing really new to show there) and I have also taken out my Nothin' but a T-Shirt that I started quite a while back. Here is the back which I finished last night.I am working the shoulders with short rows instead of bind offs which is why the shoulders are on holders. This way I can do a neat three needle bind off at the shoulders when the front is finished. I should get the socks done by the end of the month but it's a stretch to say I can get the t-shirt done as well. I'm also gathering my thoughts and projects for next month's Project Spectrum - orange and yellow - two colors I don't usually work with. This will be fun!

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