Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi. My name is Lisa and I'm a stashaholic.

Or maybe a craftaholic. Or a crafty stashaholic. Anyway, isn't that the first step, admitting you have a problem. There are just too many things that I am interested in doing and too many temptations along the way. Take Tuesday for instance. In one of my last posts I wrote about my sewing machine. I used to do a lot more sewing - making clothes and quilts. Even though I haven't been doing a lot of quilting, I still love looking at all those beautiful fabrics - the colors, the feel of the cottons is just wonderful. And of course I usually buy something. Here is a picture of some recent purchases. The Oriental fabrics are gorgeous. Notice my orange fabric - I think I've become an orange convert (but that's another story).

I'd like to start doing some more sewing again - maybe make a quilt for my daughter's bed. There are also these neat fabric bowls that you can make and I'd like to try that also. So, I decided I should probably get my machine looked at since it has been a while. Carole set me up with a place to get my sewing machine tuned up so I called and the staff at Saftler's were very helpful. Since it's not exactly close by, I needed to have the machine serviced while I waited and they were very accommodating. I ended up browsing around the store for about 2 hours. Here was the first temptation. I haven't done a lot of embroidery on the sewing machine recently, but I do have that option. And of course I saw some new designs that I would just love to have. But I also need to upgrade my embroidery software since I am having problems getting the program (one step above DOS) to run on our new computer. Anyway, I resisted Temptation #1 and just picked up some small handwork items and paid for the tune up.

On the way back I had first thought I'd stop at a yarn shop, but I had noticed a scrapbook store on my way to Saftler's and I figured I could swing by and check that out. I didn't need anything so I'd just look. Yes, those famous words. I am a closet scrapper. I love all the papers and embellishments and of course I take a lot of pictures, but that is usually as far as it goes. I'm better at making cards - you get to play with all the beautiful papers and fun stuff but it's on a much smaller (and manageable) scale. Well if anyone is in the neighborhood and they like this sort of stuff, I recommend you visit Scrapbook Cupboard. They have so much in that store. Needless to say I did not do too well with Temptation #2. I fell hard - didn't you hear the big bump as I fell off that wagon?

Check out these colorful papers and the cool embellishments. A whole page of farm rub ons - check out the llama on the right. These will be great for a layout using some of my "festibal" pictures. Needless to say, I really NEED to start doing some scrapping and soon.

For those of you knitters that have read this far, I do have some knitting to talk about. Ribby is coming along nicely. The back is done and I have started the fronts. After a minor setback, the fronts are started, both at the same time, on a circular needle. I like doing them together so that the shaping occurs at the same spots. Sleeves work well this way too. No pictures, but Ribby has seemed to muscle all the other knitting out of the way. Since it seems to have such powerful mojo, I'll think of Mr. Etherknitter while knitting on Ribby and send good vibes his way. Read about the powerful knitting vibes that are needed on this post at Obsession du Jour.

I had wanted to get back to this for my Project Spectrum May knitting. This had been started a while back and I'd like to get back to it - and it is green. But it is definitely not mindless knitting!!

Does anyone have a guess of what this is going to grow up to be? One hint - it's a Rowan project.


Carole said...

Birch, birch, baby.

margene said...

I love Japanese fabric! And wait until you see Wild Asparagus papers...way addicting and cool.

marie in florida said...

the bifocals...ugh! horrible. i had one heck of a time cutting fabrics at work last night. i'm going back today to see the manager of the store, Pearl Vision. she did seem to care if i could see, not just trying to save the sale. mighty pretty color you're working with there. lace lace baby.