Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My girlfriend and I went with our 6 year old daughters to see the movie, Akeelah and the Bee. I really enjoyed it although the girls did get a little antsy near the end. Of course the one part that my daughter thought was incredibly funny was when this one guy, who is watching the spelling bee on tv says "You kick his butt, Akeelah. B-u-t-t, butt." It was pretty funny.

Well, I can see the importance of blocking this knitted piece. The fronts of Ribby are just placed on either side of the back - it's not sewn or anything. There is a lot of curling going on and those ribbed sections pull in so much - can't wait to see what the sleeves look like. The color on the right will be the sleeves. It's kind of an eggplant color and I think the two colors will look great together.

I also have a finished t-shirt.

Too bad it's too cold to wear it yet!

Margene sent me the most beautiful cards. I told her that I will definitely be using them - after I steal a few of her design ideas. Thank you, Margene!

I've been signing up for a few things this summer - really need to edit the sidebar! Anyway, besides The Amazing Lace which I mentioned in the last post, I also signed up for the One Skein Secret Pal exchange. I love the book - it's full of some great ideas for using up some of those skeins in my stash. In the exchange, you will send one skein in June and one in July to a pal and then send them a knitted gift in August. We got our pals last week and I have to admit that I'm a little intimidated by mine. She has actually started her own yarn company. This company manufactures some pretty cool yarns and she (along with a team) somes up with the ideas for the new fibers and colors. I don't want to say too much even thought I doubt she reads this (of course, I thought there was no way my Secret Pal 7 read my blog and it turns out she had come across it). Anyway, it was a coincidence that I had just been thinking about ordering some of the yarn that her company makes - so after getting her name and checking out her blog, I figured I should try it out. It's on it's way along with the yarn for this and this. Geez, the internet makes it way too easy to shop!


margene said...

The Ribby is looking good and you NBT is fabulous! Don't you love wearing it?

Starr Fogle said...

Hi Lisa, I too love the One-Skein book! I bought it just for the felted bowls and have really been blown away with the rest of the patterns! I hope you enjoy the Secret Pal exchange! I have to much planned this summer with grandchildren and hubby to even think about an exchange. Your ex SP7 Starr Fogle

Starr Fogle said...

Me again, I order the Hedge Hog pattern to make for my grandson! How strange!!!!