Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Power of Words

I've been thinking about my last post and have decided that it is all in the wording. Language is so very powerful. You hear a word that ends in -aholic and you assume the person has a problem. So, instead of a stashaholic, I have decided that I am a collector. Collectors can be highly respected people - more so than a stashaholic. So I am a collector - a collector of fine yarns and fibers, exquisite fabrics and exotic papers and embellishments. And thanks to Margene's comment in the last post, I have added some beautiful Wild Asparagus papers to my collection. Thanks, Margene!

And Carole was correct - the UFO in my last post is indeed Birch. For the summer of 2006, I have joined The Amazing Lace so hopefully this will give me the push I need to work on Birch. Ribby is still pushing all the other knitting out of the way.

I have some unfinished business from April Project Spectrum - I never showed the neat "postcard" from my April pal.

Check it out - it's woven. I thought that maybe she had used a weavette, but Denyse said that she did this without a loom. She also included a fragrant candle tart and some beautiful ribbons. Thanks so much, Denyse.

This must have been the weekend for parades. The one we went to was close to home - within walking distance from our house. And it really was the perfect day to just bring a blanket and some snacks and hang out.

There were bands from all over the northeast.

And lots of other entertainment. The fish was blowing bubbles. Cool!

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Carole said...

The weather last weekend was perfect for a parade! Too bad we're paying for it so horribly this week.